Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slot Review

Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slot Review

This is a new interactive slot machine from Rival gaming, the makers of a new breed of slot machines that have taken the online world by storm. This is because these new i-slots have some bonus features which simply blow the competition away and Baby Boomers Cash Cruise is going to raise a few eyebrows this autumn.

The Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Gameplay

Besides it being a 5 reel video slot machine, there are some incredible transitions into different play areas on the actual slot machine. When you first load up, you are presented with the Travel Agency reels which is where you’ll start your cruise journey.

As you play the game, you might hit 3 ships which trigger the first bonus round. Here you’ll spin the wheel to discover whether you’ve won a cash prize, or a cruise to one of the exotic locations on the wheel. This is where it gets interesting. If you hit one of the locations, you are transported, via a very cool little intro, into the new play screen which will be one of 3 locations. Here a complete new set of symbols awaits you, together with additional bonus features just for that section.

It’s like having 4 slot machines all rolled into one. Each location has its own style and its own bonus features, and even its own soundtrack, so here are the descriptions for each cruise location. 

Author: Bryan Simpson