Some general gambling games tips

Some general gambling games tips


Of course there isn’t a gambling system that is 100% reliable, but there are a few ways to higher your chances. Use these tips and systems at your own risk if you think they might work.

General gambling tips in 2020:

Gambling in online casinos and in land based casinos is different.
You should know that online casinos are computer generated which gives players a small advantage. Most online casinos offer the opportunity to play for fun which gives the player a chance to learn the settings of the casino such as the sights and sounds. The player can learn the rules, support, security, and much more before spending real money in any online casino.


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• Take a card on 16 or lower because you can’t win unless the dealer bust.
• But stand anyway if the dealer shows a 4,5, or 6 because he his more likely to bust
• “Doubling down” involves doubling your wager and getting one more card when you feel strongly that you will beat the dealer when doing so.
• Never split 10’s or 5’s. Always split 8’s or 7’s against a dealer’s card of equal or lower value. Always split 2’s or 3’s against a 4, 5, or 6. Always split aces. Never split face cards, 10’s, or 5’s.


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The Roulette wheel has no memory and it does not keep record of previous results.
Roulette is simply a game of luck.
Don’t place a five number Roulette bet, it has the worst odds.

Red 1x 19 to 36 1x Carre 8x
Black 1x Dozen 2x Street 11x
Even 1x Column 2x Vertical split 17x
Odd 1x Line 5x Horizontal split 17x
1 to 18 1x Five 6x Number 35x


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Winning in an online poker game doesn’t affect the players next hand because the cards are shuffled between each hand in a matter of seconds.
Don’t keep a high card to go along with a pair because the odds are low of getting its match.
The way to get a royal flush is to always be aware of it’s potential. If you have three to a royal, sacrifice anything short of a three of a kind.
Most people say not to go for an inside straight unless there is nothing else to go for because the chance of getting it is 1 in 13.


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Slots is a game of luck. Just make sure you know the amount you are betting and always try to bet the maximum allowed because most of the time that is the only way to win the jackpot.

Author: Bryan Simpson